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Harden your cyber security now! The barbarians are already at the gate... 

Pull the Trigger on Multi-factor or Tokenized Authentication

Let's not bury the headline: you and your company are targets of sophisticated cyber attacks.

The real international conflict we see all over the world today is reflected on the Internet, as are the real dangers. The world is getting more dangerous as national governments and other groups engage in aggressive, violent campaigns. Likewise, there are national governments, terrorist groups and organized criminal organizations pursuing blatant and often sophisticated, persistent, aggressive and illegal activities in cyberspace. You and your company are targets, now, and ever day.

Because of this, it is important to implement security measures consistent with the magnitude of the cyber threats confronting us in today's environment. Though it is easy to be overwhelmed by the urgent and seemingly endless demands of today's rapidly evolving and increasingly demanding corporate environment,  it is important not to allow critical security concerns to be relegated to the back burner.

Our users and our customers are getting more technically sophisticated and demanding, less patient and forgiving. While we in IT want to pursue the role as the leaner, faster corporate IT partner, eschewing the old image as a plodding bureaucracy, it is at the same time our responsibility as the experts to provide, metaphorically speaking, the car that is both fast and safe, and this is what our users and our customers expect from us. 

So, plan & pursue a security road map as a high priority.

Step up your access game. Enable multi-factor or tokenized authentication.

Secure your devices. Lock-down end-user devices with appropriate rights. Remember, when a driver buys a car, she may want it with features X, Y and Z, but underlying everything, she expects the car we provide will be safe.

Leverage Partners & Service Providers. Use subject matter expert partners and service providers whenever possible. A good partner or service provider should be able to leverage economies of scale and focus to provide a superior service with equal or better security than you can provide internally, at a lower cost. Work only with partners and service providers who will work closely with you, provide sufficient transparency and who will participate in audits.

In today's dangerous IT environment, effective IT security, procedures and policies are increasingly critical to everyone who depends on technology and the Internet. The simple truth is, if you are not prepared, you will be a victim. Act now.


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    Harden your cyber security now! The barbarians are already at the gate...
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    Harden your cyber security now! The barbarians are already at the gate...

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